Prijava za polaganje ispita i test

Molimo Vas da popunite prijavu i uradite test. Nakon poslate prijave i uradjenog testa, ukoliko ste polozili ispit, sertifikat cemo poslati u roku od 7 dana. Pravo na besplatno polaganje testa i izdavanje sertifikata imaju samo kupci Talking Book-a koji su ovu e-knjigu kupili na sajtu
Vreme: 120 minuta.

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Time: 120 min

Please choose one option for each question

1. How old are you?

A.   I have 27 years old
B.   I have 27 years
C.   I am fine
D.   I am 27 years old

2. He went to the Stadium..... .

A.   with taxi
B.   by taxi
C.   on taxi
D.   in taxi

3. How long have you been living in London?

A.   for 7 years
B.   at least 7 years
C.   since 7 years
D.   7 years ago

4. We haven't got ..... money.

A.   a lot
B.   some
C.   any
D.   many


A.   He like going to the movies
B.   He likes going to the movies
C.   He liked go to the movies
D.   He like the movies

6. Peter ..... fly to San Francisco tomorrow.

A.   to going
B.   goes to
C.   is going to
D.   go to

7. He plays soccer .....

A.   on Wednesdays
B.   in Wednesdays
C.   at Wednesdays
D.   by Wednesdays

8. .... some more coffee?

A.   Do you?
B.   Do you like?
C.   You'd like
D.   Would you like?

9. I wanted a green shirt but they only had .....

A.   a one white
B.   one white
C.   a white
D.   a white one

10. He ..... never been to America.

A.   does
B.   has
C.   haven't
D.   hadn't


A.   Richard usually arrives late
B.   Richard late arrives usually
C.   Richard late usually arrives
D.   Richard usually late arrives

12. The house was empty. There ..... there.

A.   wasn't nobody
B.   was anybody
C.   was somebody
D.   was nobody

13. If I were rich, I ..... buy a house on the beach.

A.   will
B.   would
C.   should
D.   wish

14. When she arrived, he ..... .

A.   already left
B.   has already left
C.   had already left
D.   left

15. I forgot ..... the lights before I left.

A.   to turn off
B.   put off
C.   turning off
D.   shot

16. By the time you finish the class I ..... .

A.   will have left
B.   leave
C.   going to leave
D.   would left

17. The room can't be dirty she .....

A.   is just clean it.
B.   have just cleaned it.
C.   just clean it.
D.   has just cleaned it.

18. He plays soccer, ..... ?

A.   don't he?
B.   does he?
C.   isn't he?
D.   doesn't he?

19. If only I .... to the party instead of staying at home.

A.   went
B.   had gone
C.   did go
D.   have gone

20. Has Mrs. Smith arrived ..... ?

A.   yet
B.   still
C.   now
D.   already

21. Wendy is ..... Paul to get up now.

A.   telling
B.   saying
C.   saying to
D.   telling to

22. Have you sent that letter to Mr. Taylor?
       Yes, I've ..... done that.

A.   still
B.   yet
C.   already
D.   now

23. It's no use ..... to him. He doesn't listen

A.   speaking
B.   to speak
C.   spoke
D.   have spoken

24. This is the girl ..... I met on Thursday.

A.   whom
B.   which
C.   what
D.   -----

25. ..... is your house from here?

A.   How much
B.   How long
C.   How far
D.   How many

26. You can watch TV ..... you like.

A.   whenever
B.   soon
C.   always
D.   whatever

27. This house is quite old. It .... in 1910.

A.   built
B.   was built
C.   build
D.   has built

28. She ..... go to school yesterday.

A.   must
B.   had to
C.   ought to
D.   should have

29. That's the ..... of my worries, it'll never happen.

A.   fewer
B.   less
C.   last
D.   least

30. Don't ..... me. I'll be back late

A.   hope for
B.   waiting for
C.   expect
D.   wait for

31. The lady ..... in the corner is my aunt.

A.   whose
B.   is sitting
C.   sits
D.   sitting


A.   He used to play chess very often
B.   He uses play chess very often
C.   He was played chess very often
D.   He didn't playing chess very often

33. He doesn't like ..... what to do.

A.   told
B.   said
C.   having said
D.   being told

34. I ..... it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm going for a picnic.

A.   wait
B.   expect
C.   hope
D.   wish

35. I thought you .....

A.   will come to the party
B.   were coming to the party
C.   come to the party
D.   have come to the party

36. He remembers being ..... to the fair as a child.

A.   visited
B.   brought
C.   taken
D.   shown

37. Finishing a course is always .....

A.   satisfying
B.   satisfaction
C.   satisfies
D.   satisfied

38. She worked hard yesterday and ..... finish everything.

A.   can
B.   was able to
C.   is hard
D.   let


A.   Ask her when will be ready the food
B.   Ask her when the food will be ready
C.   Ask her when will the food ready be
D.   Ask her when will be the food ready


A.   That's a brown, attractive leather coat.
B.   That's a brown leather coat attractive.
C.   That's an attractive leather brown coat.
D.   That's an attractive brown leather coat.

41. I wish I ..... a car, I'm tired of catching the bus.

A.   have
B.   had
C.   would have
D.   had had

42. Peter can eat ..... as twenty oranges in one sitting.

A.   so many
B.   so much
C.   as many
D.   as much

43. I know he didn't thank you, but he .... have done so.

A.   should
B.   may
C.   must
D.   would

44. I won't go to the cinema ..... you come with me.

A.   except
B.   otherwise
C.   unless
D.   therefore

45. He wrote the letter ..... , he didn't need anybody's help.

A.   on his own
B.   by his own
C.   on himself
D.   by his ownership

46. Hotel rooms must be ..... by noon.

A.   vacated
B.   evacuated
C.   abandoned
D.   leave

47. You can take the book with you ..... you give it back.

A.   as well as
B.   as time as
C.   as far as
D.   as long as

48. Let's go watch the game, .....

A.   will we?
B.   shall we?
C.   let us?
D.   don't we?

49. I need to finish this ..... Friday.

A.   during
B.   by
C.   until
D.   at

50. After many years of research, they found the solution .....

A.   at the end
B.   at last
C.   by the end
D.   on the end

A. Choose the correct option
1. A.   He told he wasn’t feeling well
B.   He said he doesn’t feeling well
C.   He said he wasn’t feeling well

2. A.   We won’t know how to do after we get the results
B.   When we get the results we won’t know what to do
C.   We won’t know what to do until we get the results

3. A.   If you wouldn’t tell me, I’ll scream!
B.   If you don’t tell me, I’ll scream!
C.   If you didn’t tell me, I’ll scream!

4. A.   He’s probably lost her number
B.   He’s lost her number, probably
C.   Probably, he’s lost her number

5. A.   I’ll only tell you, if you can keep a secret
B.   If you can keep a secret, I would tell you
C.   you can’t keep a secret, if I did tell you

6. A.   What do you think we’ll be doing in five years’ time?
B.   What do you think you’re doing in five years’ time?
C.   What do you think we do in five year’s time?

7. A.   I didn’t do that if I were you
B.   I wouldn’t do that if I were you
C.   I wouldn’t do that if I was you

8. A.   I usually to live in Paris, but now I live in Madrid
B.   I used to live in Paris, but now I live in Madrid
C.   I am used to live in Paris, but now I live in Madrid

9. A.   This time tomorrow, I am in Tokio
B.   This time tomorrow, I am being in Tokio
C.   This time tomorrow, I will be in Tokio

10. A.   You didn’t use to smoke, did you?
B.   You usen’t to smoke, did you?
C.   You aren’t used to smoke, did you?

11. A.   He looked tired, because he had travelled all day
B.   He looked tired, because he had been travelling all day
C.   He looked tired, because he had travelling all day

12. A.   Sarah is working on something done!
B.   Sarah is having some work done!
C.   Sarah is doing work done!

13. A.   You must have drink something!
B.   You must have drinking!
C.   You must have been drinking!

14. A.   She’s so nice a woman!
B.   She’ s such a nice woman!
C.   She’s a so nice woman!

15. A.   I was told the party was next friday
B.   I told the party was next Friday
C.   told them the party was next friday

C. Confusing words
  1. I´ve     him since I was a little girl.  
  2. He     us that he would be here later.  
  3. We met when we were     an exam.  
  4. It doesn’t     if we arrive a bit late.  
  5. They     a lot of money in the Lottery.  
  6. Do you see the guy     the dark glasses?  
  7.   me to take an umbrella when I leave.  
  8. I suddenly     that she was wearing my green jacket.  
  9. He spends all his time     me, because he owes me money.  
  10. We are     some visitors this weekend.  

Choose one topic and write few sentences:

1. English language in my life
2. My life
3. My daily routines